Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy Fish

As a kid my Dad practiced the wise decision to take his kids fishing. Sometimes we went quite frequently. My uncles and cousins would be part of the trip sometimes. Other times we would go with some of our neighbors.

To all of you who helped me worm a hook, cast my line, fasten my life jacket, and taught me to clean a fish, Thank You.

I admit I have become a fishing fanatic this season and it may seem like it came out of no where but I think its been a long time coming. I was given my own fishing pole and tackle box as a kid, before I even needed a fishing liscence. I really didn't know what to do with them at the time. In fact I can still remember a few bike trips up Provo Canyon ending without even a bite.

Another fond memory of fishing was when I caught a 22 inch rainbow trout trolling strawberry reservoir. That was when I learned that he who catches the biggest fish by decree must be thrown in the drink. because it was my first offense I was given a warning.

This year with a little nudge from friends and who knows what else, I have become some what... Shall we say "obsessed."  It may have been from watching "River Monsters" seasons  one through three. What really surprised me was that there are more fish to find than just trout. I have caught more than five types of fish this season that I didn't know were so close to home.

But as winter sets in some of these fish I've been going for are going to sleep. I think my fishing holes may be limited to Hyrum dam, Cutler reservoir, and Mantua. Anyone have any good tips for winter fishing/ice fishing for these places?

Jake, hook line and sinker