Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Done!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Project Inspiration

I'm in the process of finding inspiration for one of my other projects.
It's for this place called 'The Cosmic Nudge' an alternative healing facility.
Our client loves nature and such. I'm coming up with a few different ideas to 
present to her. One of the ideas I have has to do with peacocks.

I am starting to LOVE peacock. Their color and patterns are amazing!
I hope she loves this idea as much as I do!

{Ian't this picture AMAZING?!}

I also love these shoes! So fun!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

having two homes

It has only been three weeks into the semester and I can just imagine how crazy this year is going to be. It's not my classes i'm worried about. They are the kind of classes you can just sit through and get a 90% on the final I planned it that way so I'd have time to study extra classes to test out of them.
What I didn't count on was how tough Kylee's classes were going to be. so far this semester we've already had about five late nights in the studio working on projects that are due the next morning. I actually like this time. It's a nice place with WiFi and fun people and enough space to openly work on homework and reading assignments. I only Hope Kylee can survive this onslaught of deadlines. It's quite a sight to see all these Interior Design majors go nuts at the same time.

Jake, i pay rent so i can stay the night at school.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I'm currently working on...

For our first project we get to design a traditional living room. We were split into four groups and given a client.
My group's clients are Roger Spielman and Ted Backman. They are from Wales and currently live in Oregon. Roger and Ted own a Vineyard. 

This is my rough sketch of what the room will look like.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What do I want to be now that i'm grown up?

For Labor day Kylee and I went down to that awesome little town in central Utah called Holden. It's funny though how at this age the only question on everyone's mind is "how is school?" and "what are you going into?"
I am grateful that everyone wants to know but I feel bad that i don't have an exciting answer like Bio-engineering, Landscape Architecture, or even deaf studies. I think it is because I have a different outlook on work than most do. There are hobbies and there is work. for some people they can be combined and that is great. For me I don't think there is enough money in gardening, training pets, and playing video games combined to make the kind of living that our future retirement goals will require.
Now I'm not worried that I'm doomed to a desk job in a cubicle next to Dwight Schrute. Even though work for me is just a means to and end I'm pretty confident that I'll find ways to make it a fun ride to retirement. How do I know this? I'm Jacob Wood! I am the master of the easily entertained. I will probably have the coolest desk toys and trinkets in the entire Office building.

Jake, I tinker with trinkets

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good bye summer, Hello free time.

I guess it's a great thing for a newly married guy to work as often as possible while on summer break. It's been a great blessing to have excessive amounts of funds for saving up instead of getting into debt with student loans. Luckily school came and my schedule leaves me a nice three hour chunk of time between my morning classes and my afternoon classes. presently that is the perfect time to just sit down somewhere on campus and blog. I'm sure by the time i get half way into all of my classes i will be using this time to study and cram for quizzes. But for now it is just a great time to relax from work, school, and all cares of the world. I think I will take a nice nap now and recover from my intense work-eat-sleep-work summer routine.

Jake, yes i hit the snooze button again.