Monday, July 8, 2013

Changes: home sweet home Part 2

We both knew it would happen some day. I just didn't think it would feel so life changing to move across town. Thanks to everyone that helped us get our stuff to our new apartment. It is great being so close to work now(though I am sure I will regret this move when it takes me 40 min. to walk to school in the snow). The first thing to sink in besides how much more room we have is how much we miss the Logan 19th ward. Church is great where ever you attend but a home ward is special.
Of course the move would not have been possible with out the new addition to our list of toys... our new car! tragically the Rodeo met an untimely end right as we went to look for a new car. We(and the bank) are now the proud owners of a 2002 ford explorer! funny how despite our desire to have two cars we are still down to one.
Last but definitely not least is losing the best next door neighbors ever. For the last two years Kylee and I have shared walls with two awesome couples that would hang out at the drop of a hat or have a spur of the moment potluck Sunday dinner just because we could. At our new place we really have few options when it comes to neighbors. Here's to hoping the old neighbors will want to travel the mile and a half to see us now and then.

Jake, I can't change time.