Tuesday, June 29, 2010

without a paddle

Time to recap on the great outdoor adventure we had with the Howells this last weekend. Instead of going to Bear Lake we took my sister's advice and went to a little lake called Newton's Reservoir. In order to get there we had to drive through the town of Newton, which consists of 100 south, center street, and 100north. It's one of those "don't blink" towns. We were lucky enough to get one of the few beach front campsites on the west side of the lake. I did my best to help everyone with the tent and the chairs and all but as soon as i had a spare moment i was bent over the fire pit and breathing life into a class A boyscout type campfire. Donnie and I got the legs on the grill and fired up the brickets. Before the first mosquitoes had their first bite of us we were feasting on Grilled steaks and fire cooked corn on the cob. during a frigid evening swim we came across a six inch perch that was belly up but not dead. Our decision was to take it back to shore and use it for bait the next day with another six inch perch that Donnie caught. thus was the phrase invented "That felt as weird as having a fish in your pocket."

Note to self, on next camping trip bring and air pump for the mattress. After only two light headed attacks i finished filling the air mattress. Nothing in camping beats waking up to the neighbors generator at 1 a.m. and the other neighbors dog at 7 a.m. As happens in all camping trips, something is forgotten and you just learn to live without it. for example a flashlight, change of underwear, or maybe even plastic spoons. This trip it turned out to be the Milk and Eggs that were meant for the french toast breakfast. So while chowing down on a breakfast of toast and jam the thought came up to use our air mattress as a flotation device. It worked quite well Kylee safely floated across the lake without getting her feet wet. It later served as fishing boat for Donnie and I anchored by a bucket full of rocks tied to Donnie's ankle. using the perch from yesterday resulted in a failure to catch anything but the attention of our wives back on shore.
The Day ended with the sighting of an over sized Tiger Muskie surfacing just out of casting range from our camp. It had the appearance of a Jim Hensen Puppet being towed behind a boat. That would be the fish that got away story of our trip.

Just before leaving we had a good old fashioned Weenie Roast(a few revelations were made at this point). as the sun set behind us We said good bye to the campsite and all the fish we never caught. once again we stayed up much to late for 9-o-clock church.

Jake ~ master fire builder

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

something you've got to try

There once was a packet of Jasmine. It smelled okay but it was too strong for Mom Jensen to enjoy so she gave it to Kylee. Kylee looked at the packet and thought," Hey that would go great in our underwear drawer!" The oversight of this thought was that Jake shares the same drawer. He walks in the room to gets some new G's and finds a pink packet of smell directly on top of his whites. Oh well. The Problem was not that the packet was pink, it was that now Jake smells like a Girl. Kylee made no attempt to hide this fact and started giggling. Jake was thus the victim of needless jokes.
But jake saw the packet and thought," Ah HA!" He pulled out the brand new vacuume and stuck in in next to the vacuume bag. And then he tried vacuuming the front room. WOW! it was great and not too powerful, and best of all its the house that smells like a girl, NOT JAKE. Try it out!

~Jake, I'm a house keeper not a girl

Saturday, June 19, 2010

twilight and signatures

ok, so i (kylee) work at the logan city library. i work at the circulation desk, do the pick list twice a week and process books in the back. the other day i was able to process stepahie meyer's new book 'the short second life of bree tanner'. anyone who knows me knows that i am obsessed with twilight. i love those books! really truely. anyways, the book is only like a hundred or so pages wich means i could finish it in an hour or two. it was SOOOO tempting not to take it and read it on my break,or take it home for the night. especially since i'm like number 52 on the waiting list at the library, meaning i'll get it in a few months.i didn't take it in hopes that i'll get it for my birthday in a month :D ::hint hint::

i am officially a WOOD now. as of a few days ago. whoo hoo! i've been told my signature was not readable by my family and so with this new name i decided to come up with an amazing signature. this requires time, practice and dedication. i went to this free font site http://www.dafont.com/ and picked out some cute fonts that would work for a signature. oh ya. then i typed out kylee wood in each font, picked the letters that i liked best and then put my signature together. i highly recomend this. it makes for a freaking amazing signature. :D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{32 days}

what a month! I've decided that i quite enjoy being married. Jake is better then the most fantastic husband a girl could ask for! he loves to cook and clean and give me back/foot rubs. he'll listen to me and even help me decorate. he is definitely wonder man :D . hehe speaking of decorating.... Jake and i have had some disagreements about whether the walls should remain white, empty and bleak or they should become decorated, beautiful and happy. simple decision i think. i won out in the end and Jake helped me put pictures cute shelves and such on the walls. our apartment is now a most wonderful place. yay! I'm extremely glad to be rid of the boxes and clutter. moving is not a fun thing so we've decided to stay put for as long as possible. hopefully this will prevent much sorrow and frustration in the wood home.

we went fly fishing! wow! I've changed my mind about fishing thanks to Donnie Howell.
Donnie took us fishing this morning and i loved every minute of it. Jake even caught a fish (not a very smart one though cause it got caught twice today). i even got a chance at this fishing thing and though i didn't catch a fish i had fun. there is something peaceful about flinging your pole and line about while standing in cold water wearing a weird getup. don't know how but it is definitely a stress reliever. anyways... i learned something new today: polarized sunglasses let you see through the water to where the fishies are hanging out. its pretty awesome, you should check it out sometime. :D

its almost midnight so i shall finish and write again another day! good night!
-Kylee, the beautifier

Sunday, June 13, 2010

who's side of the bed is this?

Beds come in three different sizes: Too Small, Just Right, and Too Big. The interesting fact is that it all depends on the occupants as to which size of bed you've got. some beds can never get big enough for the person in question. I'm the kind of person who might complain about the bed being too big. If I can't just roll out of the bed at 6 a.m. to get ready it is definitely too big. Kylee is of the opinion that the bigger the bed the better and she has her reasons. namely if she doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning an increase in size would make the effort futile and will happily sleep in. There also happens to be a new sleeping technique that i had not heard of before but according to my wife and my best friends wife its the way to go, Drum roll please... Sleeping diagonally on the bed. one lays them self at an angle on the bed thus increasing the apparent bed size. this does not work so well for couples seeing as it leaves me with an eighth of the bed as my fair share. I can handle that because i can literally roll straight onto the floor every morning. As we can all see this is most advantageous.

And Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, a Post with Pictures
many people can make popovers and enjoy them but tell me how many people can make corn bread " Flop-overs". Yes its a reason to be jealous. We had quite a few successes come out of the kitchen this week. Kylee assembled a splendid Chicken Italian Salad just like Mom Jensen makes. On Friday we drove past Pizza Hut and i got a craving for that cheesy goodness. We made the absolute best home made pizza from scratch and enjoyed it with a fresh iceberg lettuce salad(yes i made a mistake and bought iceberg cause it was the cheapest). Sadly the only thing we had to top the pizza with was the sausages we used to season the new pizza stone. We reccomend making pizza for any couple as a date night at home.

~Jake, I just want some of the sheets that's all

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ways to know you have a great ward.

Let me be the first to admit that when you have nine-o-clock church on Sunday it is a very bad idea to go see a movie at ten-o-clock the night before and still have to drive home another hour after that. BUT, We made it on time! ( if i had the choice I'd do it all over again with Donnie and Jessica Howell)
This week we decided to go with the family ward to see how we fit in there. Thanks to an on-the-ball elder's quorum president, we were already known to the bishopric and had all the necessary paper work filled out for requesting our records before sunday school had started. This particular ward has what is referred to as a Snow Bird attendance. Members from Arizona and St. George come up here to Logan For the summer and go back down for the winter months. i think what really made this ward the right choice was all of the youth and kids from primary. Sacrament meeting always goes faster when i have a kid to tease on the bench in front of me. I love the inspired fact that i get to be with Kylee for two thirds of church but it would be so nice if she was by my side for the full three hours. I must say though, I get this really happy feeling when i get to leave priesthood and find her in the hallway waiting for me. What really warmed me up to this ward was the service that was given and still needed among the members. Quite a few of the families are like us, just starting out and getting through college. Others are well established and are working on having grand children. Family wards are a must in the church in my opinion. there is an invisible glue there that makes it hard to just move out without feeling like your leaving good friends behind. Its a place where life long friendships are made.
Maybe I'm biased having never been to a singles ward or any other limited demographic of a ward. But show me a child who misbehaved in primary and I'll show you a primary president who wants to know how his date to prom went. Family wards are not about going to church every week. They are your extended family for life.

~Jacob, the wild child in primary

Thursday, June 3, 2010

mashed potatoes and bare walls

And it came to pass that in the second week of the reign of the woods over the number six apartment there came a hunger over the home. Both were very hungry and had no idea what to eat. then like mana from heaven we looked in the cupboard and found two bags of instant potato mix. One was for garlic and seasoning while the other was for buttery red potatoes. it was decided to try the garlic potatoes first seeing as they had more color and flavor. NOTE TO THE READER, altitude changes everything when your cooking. That means when you are cooking from high elevations such as Logan, Utah one must remember to not use as much water when making instant anything. Otherwise mashed potatoes turn into MUSHED potatoes. At that point Kylee decided to leave and put me in charge of fixing our potato soup, a challenge I was willing to accept. flour, bisquick and even heating it more in the microwave didn't work. So, i grabbed the bag of red potato mix so as to balance out the mixture. after finishing off more than half of the red potatoes i had finally done it. I fixed The Potatoes! We sat down for a much anticipated dinner of mashed potatoes and water but the triumph was short lived. the garlic potatoes were too strong. and i was left to eat them alone{actually i kinda liked it:)} as Kylee used the rest of the red potato mix to make her own serving of buttery potatoes.
Growing up i was taught that the wall is something you don't touch, or do anything to for that matter. i am being instructed now on how much that isn't true when your wife is an interior design major. Bare walls to me say, "more spacious" but fashionably that just won't do. so yesterday i was put on pin and nail duty as we put up three new wall clocks eight or more frames of quotes and pictures. FYI, " live, laugh, love" may be an inspiring phrase but how many times can one person see that and still get the same kick out of it? i don't know but in a year it just won't hold the same meaning for me. we'll have to move on to something like, " keep your stick on the ice, we're all pulling for you" -Red Green

~Jacob the wallinator