Sunday, January 30, 2011

SHORT hair!

And when I say short I mean short. 
Its an A-line so as it goes back it gets well....shorter. They had to shave my neck.


Its cute, fun and soooo easy to style.

A special thanks to my photographer who braved the cold to take these 
fantastic pictures of me.
I love you Jake!

I quite like the lady who cut my hair too, she just earned a regular customer!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

another thing checked off the to-do list

This calendar has been a work in progress and.......

its finally done!!!

I finally made the month labels and the other set of the day labels during the break between semesters. 


I'm quite happy with how they turned out!
I didn't like how the photo calendars looked at the store so I made our own!
I like our pictures much better then the random nature or animal pictures that are in the store kind.
I did however use the actual calendar part from one that we got from our insurance place. 
Its much easier then making your own month after month :)

After one month is done I'll just replace it with the month that comes after the month we are now in.
{hope that makes sense}
That way we can always see whats happening this month AND next!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My goal for 2011

I've decided that I want to become more knowledgeable about the things I care about.
So as my New Years Resolution I've decided to pick one subject and read all about it until I know all I need to know about it. Whenever I am done with a subject I'll move onto the next one that interests me. 

Since the Gospel is very important to me I decided to start with that. There is of course many different subjects and so, since I've just been recently introduced to the Temple I thought it might be good for me to understand more about it. :)

Here are the books that I've found about Temples....

House of Learning -Richard Walker
Your Endowment -Mark A. Shields
The First 100 Temples -Chad S. Hawkins
Look to the Temple -Ed J. Pinegar
Temple Worship -Andrew C. Skinner
House of Glory -Michael S. Wilcox
The House of the Lord -James E. Talmage
The Mountain of the Lord -Chad S. Hawkins

And of course the Scriptures :)

I'm open to suggestions on which other books might be great for this category!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Professor's calling in Life, a Comedian

Students Spend way too much on tuition every semester. I guess minimum wage has gone up but does it really add up? I could complain to the admissions office like the rest of those go-getters but I've found relief in quite a few of my classes. Yes I've been through math classes that caught up on countless hours of sleep but I'm talking about actually enjoying my classes and all that. the truth is college students don't need another professor cramming us full of dates and names. We need the Entertainers!
I guess there must be special training going around because a majority of the teachers I've had in the last year or so have gone the extra mile to tell really awful jokes in class or point out the pointless puns in each subject. My current History class at USU is taught by Mr. Lewis. I think this guy missed his calling in life as a Comedian. He can actually get all one hundred and fifty of us to groan and even chuckle at the same time over his "exclusive footage" of historical events(Far Side comic strip depictions of the landing at Plymouth Rock). Strange enough I actually remember the stuff he was talking about. It's kind of hard to miss when he raises his voice to mention that something will be on the test.
Who'd have known that the reason my high school grades stunk was because my teachers didn't tell enough dumb Jokes!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

my {current} favorite song


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is your STAR prefferance?

How do you view aliens? Are they green blooded, pointy ear Vulcans? Or do they come from a galaxy far far away in the distant past? Currently mine include Parasitical body snatchers and advanced races that like to visit earth. That's right for a limited time only Hulu is showing all seasons of Star gate SG1. I think the hardest part with making a "Star" or "space" show is how to make it plausible. Star Trek evaded this by plotting the show in the infinitely distant future when we will most likely not be alive to see that they were wrong. On the other hand Star Wars went the other way. They decided that instead of going into the future they decided to totally leave the neighborhood and run back in time. apparently if you can't recognize the planets or the races then it makes it more possible.
But i think the best of all is Star Gate SG1. Letting it happen in our present time on our own world. Long Live the conspiracy theory! We can all blame it on the government for not telling us that there are actually aliens in contact with us every day. I'm not saying that I live for it like a Trekkie. I quite enjoy having my feet planted firmly on this planet. But in case I ever get the itch to hit the other side of the galaxy I like the idea of being able to just walk through the big shimmering circle instead of warping out of orbit in a rocket ship.

Jake, we know you walk among us!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I've decided to do something different for 2011.
There's a thing called the 365 Project. For the project you take a picture every day for a year. By doing this you document what you've done, seen, or whatever for that year. I thought this sounded pretty cool so on January First I started taking pictures. Now I'm definitely not a Professional Photographer so these pictures aren't meant to be amazing. Each picture I take will represent what I did that day, what I'm wearing, something I ate, what my surrounding look like, something I think is awesome, ect.
Here are the pictures I've taken for the first 7 days of the New Year.

Day One {January 1}
This is how I started out my new year.....with some medicine and a box of tissues.

Day Two {January 2}
 For some odd reason I've been in an organizing mood. I started out by organizing our Front Room Closet.
It may look a bit squished in there but at least its organized and you don't get bombarded with stuff when you open the door :)

Day Three {January 3}
 My yellow coat came in the mail!!!!! YAY!

Day Four {January 4}
 This is our beautiful Front Door. 

Day Five {January 5}
 I made mini chocolate cakes for the both of us. They were delicious!

Day Six {January 6}
For our wedding one of the ladies in Jakes ward made us some cute knit hot pads. While I was cleaning out the Kitchen I found this heart one and decided to use it as part of our Valentine decor. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Day Seven {January 7}
I made this way cute Earring holder out of an Altoids mint tin!

Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY Earring Tin

I've been needing a place to store my earrings for awhile. Since we don't have extra money for crafts I decided to use some gift cards from our wedding and a mint tin.
It turned out really cute and was quite easy to make.
I've decided to share how to make it!
Lucky you!

Go buy some Altoids and when your done with the mints you can turn it into a cute tin!

 First paint the tin black {or whatever you want peaking through at the corners}
If you want a quick dry I found that hairdryers are quite amazing at getting the paint to dry nice and fast :)

Then trace the lid on the backside of the paper that you are using.

 Also cut strips to fit around the rim of the lid and the base of the tin.

Take the pieces you've cut out and glue them to tin.

After the glue has dried take some cute accessories and glue them on to your tin!

Now you have an adorable tin to hold things in!

Monday, January 3, 2011

it came!

My yellow coat finally came!!! I've been searching for the perfect coat and i found it {at last} at Nordstrom's!
On top of it being the most perfect coat was on sale!!! Woo-hoo!

I am so HAPPY!


Isn't it ADORABLE?!?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Recap { May - December }

The last half of our year....

Jake and I were married in the Timpanogos Temple on May 15. It was a perfect day!
It was a wonderful start on our forever!

Our beautiful reception!

We went on a cruise to Mexico on our honeymoon! It was Amazing!

We went camping with our friends Donnie and Jessica!

Donnie taught Jake and I to fly-fish!

We had a fun summer, just relaxing and playing!

We spent the Fourth of July with both of our families! Jake also ran the Provo Freedom Run that morning!

I turned 20 this year!!!!!

The Wood family reunion was a blast! It was fun to get to know Jake's family better!

Jake turned 23 this year!!!!

I cut my hair short this year! I love it!!!

We had fun carving pumpkins and going to the pumpkin walk! 

Jake made our six month anniversary absolutely wonderful! He set up a 
candlelit lunch from Chili's in our front room.

My family pictures from this year! {with the newest addition...Jake!}

2010 Recap { January - April }

A lot happened during 2010,
so here is an overview of the first half of our year!

Jake and I had a chance to go to an Institute formal dance in Logan at the beginning of the year. 
It was fun to get all dressed up and dance the night away!

I had the most wonderful roommates this past year!!! Elizabeth, Liz, and Melissa! I had so much fun with them and I am grateful that I was able to live with such wonderful girls!

Some pictures of me practicing my hair and makeup for the wedding!

Our AMAZING engagement pictures!

Jakes family put on the most wonderful bridal shower for me! Delicious food, cute decorations, lots of friends and of course gifts! I had an excellent time!


A few pictures with the both of us!


Jake and I both graduated from UVU with our Associates degrees!