Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preaching to the choir

I think one of the coolest ways to experience General Conference or even Stake Conference is from the choir seats. Kylee and I were "recruited" into the stake choir by the over zealous choir director and though our attendance was a bit... sporadic, we definitely enjoyed the great messages we heard today. The theme(yes a theme, i've never been to one of these that had a theme) was "the gathering of Israel" and even the Ogden, Utah mission president came to talk to us about how great missionary work is. As always i didn't really get anything out of the whole find some missionary references but they did talk about how important it is to gather Israel in our homes, with our families. I think that was very interesting and important.
We don't have our own Kids yet, but i thought about how Kylee and I have talked about raising our children in the church and teaching them how to be good members disciples of Christ. I decided it would be a good time to start typing out my Missionary journal for our kids to read. I know there are alot of great stories in there that even Kylee would love to read.
At the end of conference we sang the Mack Wilberg version of "I Believe in Christ" and it was surprising how great it sounded in the Logan Tabernacle. Despite minor discrepancies in the directing the song was a great ending to a wonderful conference.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry that it's been awhile since I've posted :)

Here are my pictures from January for Project 365

How I started out 2011. Our clean closet.
My Yellow coat came! Our cute front door!
Yummy mini cakes! Valentine decor!
My Earring dish. My BEAUTIFUL Ring!
The view from our front door. First day of school!
The Calendar is done and oh so cute! My ADORABLE casserole dish!
Our beautiful home decor. Decorating magazines!
Homemade pizza night! Rummy-cube is the BEST game :)
Pizza Hut has the most delicious pizza. GO AGGIES!
I am addicted to barbecue chips. Took some time to do some thank-you notes.
Bones is a favorite. Mmmm, cookie dough!
Learned how to play Phase 10, LOVE IT! Started reading this book.
Sparkly fingernails!!! Floor plan line drawing in progress.
I built a Lego car on my computer and then rendered it there too!
These are some pieces I cut out for a Humanitarian project.
I got my hair cut! Isn't this the cutest scarf?! My hand rendered floorplan.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Which way are you actually going?

In my Psychology class we had the assignment of observing behavior for an hour. It had to a specific behavior that we could record in exact notations. While everyone else went straight to the glass building on campus to see how many people stare at their reflections and fix their hair. Ya, I think half the people in the class did that. I decided to find a more practical approach.
If anyone is familiar with Logan, Utah you may have heard about the four way stop on 1000N where 600E jogs and makes everyone wig out. My class partner and I sat there in the cold snow on Thursday in camping chairs holding our little tally charts to see just how many people get confused at this intersection. Let me tell you it was totally worth it! We counted every car that put their blinker on and divided them between the ones who actually turned and those who when relatively straight through. By the way if you really want to feel cool go sit on a corner in a camping chair to watch people stare at you as they drive by. We even got some waves from people i haven't even met yet. the data was solid, 30% of drivers signaled a left turn to go straight through( most of them were over 60 years old or of the female persuasion, not a stereotype just the facts).
Oh ya lets not forget about Chad. I didn't know Chad until ten minutes into the session when he came walking out of his apartment behind us trying to figure exactly what we were up to. Five minutes later he re-emerged carrying a thermos of hot cocoa and some cups. I have a new best friend and his name is Chad, he's a nice guy and I would recommend him as a friend to others.

~Jake, no this is not for the transportation dept. I just like people watching

Monday, February 7, 2011

I guess we got lucky

This week me and Kylee got into our first bad fight(that is a relative term). It wasn't anyone's fault and no one needed to take the blame. I guess it all started with the hair dryer. Kylee understands that i really don't like hair dryers, this is made relevant every time she cooks me with it as i walk by the bathroom when she gets ready. The big deal was that the laundry didn't get dried enough so I brought it home wet and set it up around the room to dry( I know that was stupid but hey, I'm a guy). It all came down to who had to use the hair dryer to dry off the rest of the clothes. Some how I always lose when it comes down to that.
So there I was making angry sounds in the bedroom over the noise of the dryer, while Kylee worked on her homework. The wonderful thing though about being married to Kylee is that I can't be angry at her. I can get frustrated at the clothes and that horrible hair dryer, but after five minutes of blowing hot air(literally), my heart slaps me across the face and says, "hey, don't forget that you got lucky enough to marry the girl of your dreams."
Everyone at the wedding said don't go to bed angry. With Kylee that will never be a problem.

-Jake, yes i wear the apron in this relationship! and the pants

NEW YORK! New York!

I am super excited for May!
Why? you ask.....

I get to go to New York! From May 9-14 ! 
The Interior Design Department is going and I'm tagging along!

Here are some of the places that I get to go....

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Richard Meier's Model Shop

The Guggenheim


Philip Johnson's Glass House

The Statue of Liberty

And here are some places that I want to go....

I want a picture in front of this!
See Wicked on Broadway!

Central Park!

If you have any ideas of places to see please let me know!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

when the cold wind blows it chills you

I feel that i have really failed this winter. Its now February and i haven't even gone sledding yet. When i was little that was a mandatory thing to do, even when we didn't have sleds my mother would send us all out with laundry baskets and we would hit the "slopes". gradually we upgraded to the point where we had sleds and now we even have Seven Peaks Tubes to use. Yet with all this in the snowiest Place in Utah i haven't gone this winter.
I guess the ever present cold is somewhat to blame for my dismissal of such a fantastic sport. Logan is home to the infamous INVERSION. That's when all that ugly cold below 0 air gets trapped under a high pressure system and leaves us poor students in a frozen waste of icy winds. Monday wasn't so bad this week and i even got to ride my bike to work. But Tuesday and Wednesday were comparable to an arctic tundra. crossing the rugby field to get to my class was like trudging over a barren flat where the wind fought to blow my coat away. When i finally got to class i had to check to see if my ears were still attached to my head.
this is me on the way to class (bundled up). I really gotta get a home in Hawaii.