Tuesday, March 20, 2012

instant garden, just add water

I know it s been quite a few weeks but we finally made our garden more than just talk. Over spring break Kylee and I were outside working on the new beds while the weather was warm(and inside working on new spring decor).

I'm surprised how well the wooden retaining walls held up better than I expected and we found plenty of cinder blocks around the apartment building to fill in gaps and steps. We would not have finish the whole project before school started if Kevin and Melanie, our neighbors, hadn't helped us. So now we have three times the space we had last year and it only cost $20.

so far we have planted lettuce, radishes, peas, and onions. more planting to follow, pending on the weather. I've planned out a layout for the entire garden square foot by square foot, but we will see just how closely that is followed. Gardening is a science, but it is also an art.

Jake, This Old Apartment season 1

Thursday, March 1, 2012

a narration of a moment

I am currently sitting in the public library using the internet, listening to an elderly woman mutter to herself how her husband better not forget to pick her up.

I would not be here if the internet at our apartment hadn't died. The manager said it should have been up today, but no luck there. so here I sit at the library doing online school work (and blogging). From my homework I've decided that Business and numbers don't get along very well.

This lady has been nervously pacing from the chair next to me to the courtesy phone and calling her husband every 5 minutes. It started snowing again and I'm guessing from her overly vocal mutterings that she REALLY doesn't want to be stranded here. I don't blame her but i usually rant like that INSIDE my head.

Oh wow, She just told the librarians that she is going to brave the weather and leave without her husband. either she doesn't trust her spouse at all or she is an overly anxious person. Good Luck random rambling lady!

jake, life is story