Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hidy Ho Nieghbor

Living in an apartment close to campus means your neighbors include frat houses, strange 40 year old student/teachers, and other young married students. So far we've had five different next door neighbors on either side of us and they've all been pretty nice and neighborly. But you got to love the neighbor who knocks on your door for the first time and asks you to come over and enjoy their birthday cake with them. That's how me and Kylee got to know our newest neighbors that share our southern wall.
It's been so much fun getting to know them and their pet goldfish Lucy. When ever we feel like doing something we just take two steps out the door to see if they want to play. I'm really looking forward to owning a home but being so close to friends is kinda fun! Since spring decided to slowly creep into Cache Valley we've been working on our gardens together and its looking more and more green every day. For those of you who grew up watching Home Improvement, you'll understand when I say I'm a Tim Taylor whose found his Wilson Wilson to chat with when it gets to hot in the kitchen. Only there is no wooden fence to hide their faces behind.
It just makes life so much better to have great neighbors, especially the kind that share cake!

Jake, yes you can borrow a cup of sugar!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Wreath {tutorial}

Even though it's still cold and snowy here in Logan, I am in the mood for spring!
So I decided to make a spring wreath!
Best part is... it was less then 5 dollars!

Just in case you want to make one too I took pics along the way :)

Supplies needed:
Wreath {I got mine at the dollar store}
Felt Sheets {they're 25 cents at Michaels}
Glue Gun
Wooden Board
Paint Brush

Here are the steps...

7. When gluing the flowers to the wreath, leave a gap big enough to fit your quote board on the wreath.
8. After you paint the board, write/paint the quote you wish to use on it.
9. Glue everything to the wreath.
10. Tie a ribbon to the top of the wreath and then you're done!


 I love it! What do you guys think?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My other love....

I am in love with a chair.
Not just any chair.

The Louis Ghost Chair.

It is gorgeous, and some day I shall own some :)
Not knock-off's either....the real things.

Isn't it the most beautiful chair EVER?!

LOVE it!

It also comes in many different colors :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{helpful hints}

Just in case you guys have been having the same problems we have been having I decided to share some
helpful hints that have solved these particular problems. :)

Our bed and the bed skirt don't fit perfectly. Why you ask?
Because the bed skirt if king size and the bed is only full size.
I read this helpful hint somewhere {but I can't remember where}
If you suffer from this problem, never fear! There is a solution!
Just grab some safety pins and pin that bed skirt up until it fits your bed perfectly.

Now we don't have to worry about it getting vacuumed up or getting in our way. Yay!

After using wrapping paper there is always the problem of keeping it all nice 
and pretty until you need it again. 
My mom is a GENIUS and came up with this helpful hint.
Grab a toilet paper tube, cut a slit down one side and
you've now got a wrapping paper holder!
It keeps your wrapping paper all nice and pretty. :) 

Hope you all are having a great day!

Pictures of our newly organized apartment are coming soon! 


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So you think you're smarter than a rat.

One benefit to being in the Psychology program is that you get to train rats. I was assigned to work with rat #1 of the USU psych lab. His name is Eugene and he is a very smart rat in some ways and very a stupid one in others.
We're supposed to teach these rats do do a trick and then to only do the trick when a flash light is lit in their training cell. Eugene learned really fast that he was supposed to go through the hoop and look up in order to get his little treat but sometimes he gets frustrated and goes for the more the more feral approach.
Yesterday he was doing great until he noticed my hand was holding the flash light over his cell. He thought in his head "hmm, flashlight=food, bite flashlight!" unfortunately my hand was infront of the flash light and that is what his little yellow teeth caught hold of. I admit it hurt and it bled a bit but what really shocked me was how my hand looked after riding my bake to work.
I don't get queezy at the sight of blood but apparently i can't stand the smell of the iron in it. I guess I would fail miserably as a vampire.

Jake, don't bit the hand that feeds you.