Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I was attacked on sunday!

coming out of church on sunday i was attacked by my old nemesis that I thought I'd never see again. He jumped me from behind and took hold of my airways making breathing a struggle. the worst part about my attacker is that no one else can see him and yet he makes me embarrass myself in public. I had to wrestle with him to keep control through my HOME teaching and then ward choir where things could really have gone awry if he got the better of me.
If you haven't guessed this fiendish foe of mine happens to be the hiccups and i take it very seriously! The last major case i had was in the MTC choir rehearsal and I'm pretty sure every one in that 360+ choir heard me as it escaped. The biggest problems with hiccups during choir is that as your trying your hardest to project and sing out loud the hiccup gets amplified and there is no stopping it.
I guess they weren't so bad this time even though i did fight it all day. The hardest part was having Kylee next to me the whole time not sympathizing with my dyer circumstances. Apparently it was quite comical and hard to resist the urge to imitate.
fortunately i was able to subdue the attack by bed time and haven't seen them since. We can only hope that this doesn't happen again, but you never can tell with these invisible attackers.

Jacob, the Victim

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Teresa W said...

Comment #1: Why were you doing Visiting Teaching?
Comment #2: I hate the hiccups! I get them all the time at work and they get amplified through the office. The girl in the cubicle across from me always starts laughing when I get them. Don't worry Jake, I will sympathize with you!