Monday, October 24, 2011

The last few weeks in rehab

In case I didn't get to tell you in person, I recently went through the craziest bike accident by far. this was even wilder than when I broke my arm answering the phone at 17mph. this time I'm sure I was going atleast 25mph when i saw the tight rope strung infront of me, about three feet in front of me to be exact. My reaction time is great, but its not that great. Tight rope walking is a club here at USU that not many people really like and most find annoying seeing as most of the time they just stand there and stare at the rope. Bikers find them to be lethal.
So I landed on by back, my bike took a hard hit, and my brand new laptop... not a scratch(thank goodness). my legs took the brunt of the hits and I wish I could have seen the replay to know just what hit where. while hobbling home i felt kinda woozey and by the time I was in the front door i had a fever that didn't breakt till after general conference on saturday.
For the last two weeks I've been trying to recooperate mobility in my legs. It's kinda slow going. I feel okay when i keep moving around but after sitting through class my knee is as stiff as a rusty joint. I get the feeling this is what old age is going to be like(and this accident probably ensured it).

-jake, i don't think it should bend that way.

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Rebecca said...

when I saw you this weekend I had totally forgotten, hope you feel completely well soon