Sunday, May 30, 2010

the start of a very interesting journey

Life is a journey That takes many twists and turns Kind of like a river that moves through rough waters and calm meadows.
this river of mine has just come to merge with the crystal blue waters of Kylee, a deceptively deep and fast moving river. Combining our lives and our experiences into a mix of similarities and complimenting opposites that make each day an adventure. the waters are not always smooth sometimes we we are like two mules pulling on either side of a tow rope. but it surprises me how her eye for fashion and my knack for function can meld together into a beautiful and working home.
We have just about finished unpacking and organizing our personal things and all of the wonderful gifts that our family and friends gave us for our reception. It was quite a surprise to come home to our apartment and find it wall to wall stocked with presents. so almost a week later we have made headway and even found some room to live in. I am so grateful that Kylee is a wiz at not only organizing but making it look perfectly placed in the new space saver shelf i put together for her in the bathroom.
Currently it has sort of been my responsibility to take care of the dishes, the cooking, and some of the sweeping as Kylee goes to work every day. I like it! I've tried pancakes, strawberry shakes, and even baked potatoes. I think my best dinner so far was the chicken and potatoes that we had the first night. granted I'm not Mr. Mom just yet but i have been tempted to pull out out of the flirty aprons that Kylee brought with her.
Hi five to who ever thought of having a DI so close to our apartment here in Logan! I think i might just shop there more than i do at Walmart. we just barely found the coolest entertainment center to fit the tv and playstation. so what if it has a few gouges in the side. According to the law of FUNCTION, it works so lets keep it. but the FASHION says, Eeew!!! hmmmmm... lets paint it. So the verdict is we will keep it but later this summer it will be blackish brown or brownish black. she could probably tell you the exact colors but that is beyond me.

Jake, Man of the house keeping!


Stephanie & Joseph Haymore said...

Sorry I missed your call. You should be able to get to my blog from this comment. I haven't made any updates for a couple of weeks but will get to it soon. Glad things are going well!

Teresa W said...

Yay! You have a blog!!! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!