Thursday, June 3, 2010

mashed potatoes and bare walls

And it came to pass that in the second week of the reign of the woods over the number six apartment there came a hunger over the home. Both were very hungry and had no idea what to eat. then like mana from heaven we looked in the cupboard and found two bags of instant potato mix. One was for garlic and seasoning while the other was for buttery red potatoes. it was decided to try the garlic potatoes first seeing as they had more color and flavor. NOTE TO THE READER, altitude changes everything when your cooking. That means when you are cooking from high elevations such as Logan, Utah one must remember to not use as much water when making instant anything. Otherwise mashed potatoes turn into MUSHED potatoes. At that point Kylee decided to leave and put me in charge of fixing our potato soup, a challenge I was willing to accept. flour, bisquick and even heating it more in the microwave didn't work. So, i grabbed the bag of red potato mix so as to balance out the mixture. after finishing off more than half of the red potatoes i had finally done it. I fixed The Potatoes! We sat down for a much anticipated dinner of mashed potatoes and water but the triumph was short lived. the garlic potatoes were too strong. and i was left to eat them alone{actually i kinda liked it:)} as Kylee used the rest of the red potato mix to make her own serving of buttery potatoes.
Growing up i was taught that the wall is something you don't touch, or do anything to for that matter. i am being instructed now on how much that isn't true when your wife is an interior design major. Bare walls to me say, "more spacious" but fashionably that just won't do. so yesterday i was put on pin and nail duty as we put up three new wall clocks eight or more frames of quotes and pictures. FYI, " live, laugh, love" may be an inspiring phrase but how many times can one person see that and still get the same kick out of it? i don't know but in a year it just won't hold the same meaning for me. we'll have to move on to something like, " keep your stick on the ice, we're all pulling for you" -Red Green

~Jacob the wallinator

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