Tuesday, August 17, 2010

oFf To ThE fAiR

I know Logan is now a booming city with two Walmarts and even their own Mall, But when the highlight of the summer festivals is the livestock fair its still a small town. That's not a bad thing though. it just means we get to see back woods country traditions only three miles from our apartment.
Just so you know, Fairs are the coolest date night ever! I'm not even talking about the rides either. they can break down for all I care(bad experience on the tiny roller coaster at Orem summer fest). The coolest part of the fair here in Logan is the livestock and home grown display! Kylee went crazy over these little goats and chickens. I'd have to say my favorite was the French Angora Rabbits. imagine a bunny that someone fluffed up with a hair dryer and left it like that. The word "fluffy" was invented to describe this animal because no other word would work.
Also another revelation to me was a new breed of pigeon who thinks he's a turkey. seriously it does, but i don't think this thing could fill a platter at thanksgiving.
I'm guessing it will be possible to see these specimen at the state fair. GO AND SEE THEM! it will probably be the smelliest and coolest thing you do this summer.

as a parting note. the vegetable display was lacking in the size department. I mean the prize winning pumpkin was only a foot in diameter. as soon as i find some dirt up here to call my own I'm going to up the competition a bit. Those of you who saw the patch from 2001 know just what i mean.


Teresa W said...

What an excellent date night idea! Those are definitely some interesting animals.

Stephanie & Joseph Haymore said...

Yeah for free date nights! I love that bunny! I want one!