Monday, August 9, 2010

One heck of a Birthday

It still surprises me just how lucky I am to have Kylee as my wife but this really put things into perspective. Waking up on my Birthday we had my favorite cereal "Cap'n Crunch Berries" and before i could get back into the room she had made the bed for me and clean the apartment so spick and span that i felt like i was in someone else's house. we took a trip to pets mart so i could use my bday money on some plants for our fish and then get a air pump for my bike. after that we got chicken for a BBQ that night with our best friends Donnie and Jessica Howell. Then before Kylee went to work she pulled out the book i thought i had lost the other day. Turns out she got sick of me with my nose in the book and she Hid it. Like I said, Kylee makes me a better person(by force sometimes). When I had already started marinating the chicken our Donnie and Jess arrived and gave us the big surprise, they spoiled us with eating out. even now on monday morning i am still full from all the food and cake that we ate this weekend. Speaking of cake...
What a MASTER PIECE!!!! it was the best Birthday cake I'd ever had. IT was Kylee's idea and i think the best way to end a fantabulous day with my favorite people. i even got to make a wish as i blew out the candles, Yes all 23 of them.
I am not sure why but the blowing out candles tradition is the most special part of a birthday and it takes me forever to think of just what I'm going to wish for. I guess now i realize its not a time to make a wish but a time to say a personal prayer to God thanking him for the life he has given me, which is much better than the life I'd always blown candles out wishing for. Thank you everyone for the most memorable Birthday so far. All of the Phone calls, facebook messages, and cards made me understand just how much you all care.


Coxes Child Care said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I am so glad it was a great one.

Stephanie & Joseph Haymore said...

Glad you had a good day. Things like those definitely make for a good day.