Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reason why to marry your best friend

For the last Five months I have had the blessing of being married to my best friend. I don't know how i got to be so lucky. I see that many of my friends from when I was young are married and divorced and others who can't find happiness with hanging out routines. The big secret is to marry your best friend. Mine happens to be Kylee!
Every day i get to wake up and make her breakfast while she takes her already beautiful face and makes it heart stopping. She even gave my german pancakes a chance and is now hooked. There's never enough for the both of us. Kylee is the smile on my face that even a rainy bike ride up old main hill can't erase. I love how much fun she is on just regular days. If it gets too boring in our apartment I know for sure that someone is going to start tickling.
Call me a newly-wed but it is the highlight of my day to watch her come in the door and give her hugs. Being a newly wed doesn't mean hiding in the bedroom room at every spare moment, it means running around the apartment like three-year-olds and then holding hands like grandparents as we do our grocery shopping. And every night i get to hold her close as she cries during a romantic movie. "Can life get any better? I submit that it can not!"
Here's to my best friend! The one who tells me when i'm wrong and helps me do what's right. The one who I know is pacing the floor til we can see each other again. The one who I would be lost without. I Love You Kylee!

Jacob, the love sick poet

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aleisha said...

ok, you two are adorable. rachel started crying. : )