Saturday, October 30, 2010

something awesome...

i was blog stalking today and found some pretty cool things that i wanted to share :)

first up is the blog guidebook
so so cool! you can find any blog you desire on there. they have
tutorials on how to do things and so much more!
you should totally check them out.

lately i have been obsessed with yellow (as you can probably tell)
a blog that gives me my daily yellow dose each day is{black white and yellow}
here are some images that i have LOVED from them...
isn't this alphabet bookshelf THE coolest thing!?!
Black, White and Yellow also has some way sweet design and home pics which i love!

another blog that you should totally check out is the dating divas
they have some cute craft ideas as well as some cute things to do for dates and such.
they recently showed how to make this cute headband...

enjoy and have a

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