Monday, June 27, 2011

Sew Sweet

I made one of the skirts I told you about :)

This one is called the Party Skirt.
If you want to make it just go here. The tutorial makes this easy skirt even easier.

You can wear it on top of your shirt or underneath :) The bow is removable.
Such a flexible skirt! I love it!


Andy and Brittany said...

It says it I want to make but want if I want you to make it for me....haha Just kidding! Very cute!

{kylee} said...

Hey if you'll pay for the fabric and such I'd love to make you a skirt :) I just got a double needle that makes this skirt even awesomer!

aleisha said...

heck, that is such a cute skirt! you are so talented!

Kiana McAllister said...

I love making skirts!! I'm trying to make the lace skirt in your other post right now! we should definitely get together when you are in Orem and have a sewing party!

{kylee} said...

That would be so much fun! Next time we're down there we should definitely have a sewing party :)

Cassidy said...

kylee, thanks for the link to the tutorial! My whole family is sporting one around! :) LOVE IT!