Monday, July 11, 2011

Flo is One!

Flo {our goldfish} is one year old today!

She is the most beautiful fish. She reminds us of the fish on Pinocchio, Cleo. She has the most gorgeous fins and tail, and she knows it. Boy, is she vain. We love waking up to her flitting back and forth waiting for us to feed her each day.  :) 

Happy Birthday Flo!

To celebrate the occasion we made fish sugar cookies!

We would also like to introduce a new addition to our family:

Gus Gus

He is absolutely adorable! Flo and Gus Gus get along so well.
He is Flo's little shadow :)

Let's hope we'll be able to celebrate his first birthday next year :)


Teresa W said...

Happy Birthday Flo!
Hmm, if you're going to name your pet Gus Gus I'm thinking it should be a pet mouse or better yet a rat! :)

Lisa & Elliott Breinholt said...

They are lucky fish to have such loving owners. :)