Sunday, November 13, 2011

When a Prophet Speaks

For those of you who were able to go to or hear President Uchtdorf in the Relief Society session of Conference... We've Got Your Forget-Me-Not Seeds.

No I really didn't go or hear his talk but from all of the seed customers that have constantly been asking for forget-me-not flowers I'm pretty sure it was pretty moving.
I would say a few dozen or so people have asked us at Anderson's Seed and Garden when we will be getting in a new shipment of these seeds. the thing is we have never carried them. So what would any wise business do? Get some seeds! Of course we were all brainstorming on how else to monopolize on this situation and personally I think we should send President Uchtdorf a letter asking him to speak on how using Fertilizer is like faith. that may help us out after April conference.

Jake, Come listen to a Prophets voice!

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HedaWood said...

That's funny! I like it!