Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ruminating about Rent

I had the greatest idea the other day to figure out a way to turn the weed lot next to our apartment into a green lawn to pic1nic on this summer. I found a cheap lawn mower on and calculated just how much it would cost to do.

Sadly it turns out the manager and the owner had different plans. I was graciously informed that we are free to weed and mow the space as much as we'd like, but not to water it. I guess it has something to do with the cost of water. I was also informed that I should not plan on using a drip hose for our garden bed this year. Bummer.

It's moments like this that get me all excited about owning a home. Having our own space, with our own walls, and our own parking spot. Oh, and our own big mortgage payment. I think that's the only thing keeping us stationary. At least I have the best kind of room mate.

Jake, the grass is greener I'm sure!

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the Youngs said...

maybe big up there but mine is only 550 something but we pay 600 for our four bed two bath huge back yard house and kasey pay's something like 350 for her three bed two bath duplex with garage and good size back yard. :) maybe you just live in the wrong place :) we watched realtor for for our house