Sunday, January 29, 2012

'Tis the season

Getting ready for spring in the middle of winter is like counting down christmas in the middle of October. I know it's coming but it's taking it's own sweet tome to get here. Working at a garden store isn't helping me either. As soon as customers start showing up to get the seeds for this years garden my brain starts scheming about how all the things I want to plant this year.
I don't know if I can wait for the ground to thaw before I start breaking ground in our little growing patch. The dirt seems to be calling my name and begging me to get my hands and knees all muddy.
Just to see who all reads this post, I want some suggestions on what to plant this year. If you read this post you MUST write a comment and give atleast one suggestion. two or three would be great too. Ill keep a detailed acount of all i plant and you can see how your suggestions turn out!


Andy and Brittany said...

Zucchini so you can make yummy bread!

the Youngs said...

we did egg plant last summer it was good. i just can't wait for all my tulips to come up i planted 10 diff. kinds this last fall all over my yard :)

Jessica and Donnie said...

I think you should plant tomato's, green bell peppers, watermelon and much more :) Jess

Teresa W said...

Don't plant peas. They are really the devil in disguise :)

jAkE said...

Awesome! so far we have
-Peas(sorry Teresa, you mentioned them and therefore they will be planted)

keep the ideas coming!