Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Writing for the sake of writing

Starting this semester I find myself once again in English 2010 "Writing and Presenting". I honestly had fun the last time I took this class which may have been the reason I didn't get a satisfactory grade for the school of Business.

The really fun part of this class for me is choosing a topic for "THE PAPER". The first time around I wrote about dating issues(from a guy's point of view), why dogs are superior pets, and about sleep and the lack thereof. I know these aren't exactly the most cutting edge topics but I refuse to write about what everyone else has already written, re-written, rebuttal, and beaten to death. It is the equivalent of posting your dread of finals on Facebook during finals week. Your thoughts are lost in a sea of other students all dreading finals right along with you.

So I find myself with two choices. Either I can find a topic of interest that has real world value such as the big scary genetically modified plants, or I can once again try to make some menial topic sound more intelligent than it really is. I have been favoring the idea of writing about goldfish. that is always entertaining to learn something about everyone's first pet.

Jake, take my word for it

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