Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles

It's been an interesting couple of weeks due to automotive malfunctions. I never realized just how much Kylee and I depend on the car until we have to go an entire week without it.

The lack of transportation didn't seem like such a dilema to me at first. After all when in it comes to driving priority I'm not the highest on the list. Walking the one and a half miles to work everyday is not such an ordeal and I can even rationalize that it is good for me. I have even turned it into a morning run. But finding a way to get Kylee to work has been a little more problematic. Thankfully our friends have really blessed us with help in that area.

It's not all bad news though. we have gleaned a few blessings from our period of pedestrian-ism  we actually live close enough to church to walk there and walk back. because we are planning ahead for a long walk we are starting to make it there early enough to hear the prelude music. On weekdays that Kylee works right after school we've taken the long walk together and had almost 40 whole minutes to just talk. As tiring as these walks can be, they are a blessing when we sometimes go a whole day without seeing each other.

Jake, the proclaimer

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