Saturday, July 17, 2010

my current obsessions...

once upon a time there was a book. while searching the shelves for other peoples holds i stumbled upon a wonderful thing. this wonderful thing was a book. a book that i had been eying for weeks {ever since i had prepared it to circulate there at the library} but alas had never checked out or put it on hold because there was too long a line of people waiting for it and i simply did not have any time to make these wonderful creations that this book had inside. but as luck would have it, the one weekend where i had decided that i would devote to sewing and craft making.... lo and behold i find the book on the shelf, just waiting for me to happen upon it and take it home! yay! you are all wondering what book this might be. lucky for you i'm about to tell you! it is called sew liberated {you can go to the wonderful website with even more great things here}. its cute, it has the most wonderful projects inside, and someday i will make all of these projects namely:
  • the clock {pictured below ; pg.37}
  • the 'teacup corset apron' {pictured below ; pg.19}
  • the 'jersey garden skirt' {pg.55}
  • the 'bird in hand laptop bag' {pg.49}
and . . . . .
  • the 'baby's first book' {pg.95}

but at the moment i am making the most wonderful thing ever !!!
drum roll please....

the 'dapper day bag'

{pictured below ; pg.75}

its my dream bag, or at least as close as i'll get to my dream bag.
and since my dream bag is not sold anywhere i'm going to make it.
myself. this weekend.
it is going to be fabulous!

Jake and i went shopping yesterday for the fabric
{which is fantastic}
and on our way home i convinced Jake to stop by this cool lookin' place called 'The Antique Mall'. this place is wonderful. if you are ever in want of old cool stuff. go there. when we have a house, i'm shopping there for some cool decor and furniture. Sooo... if you are ever in Logan and want something to do. go to 'The Antique Mall' its at the intersection that splits on two on main street
{where you first come into Logan}

next time i post i hope to have cute pic's of our apartment and our decorating job
we'll see how that goes ;)

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