Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Timeless times

time spent back in Utah valley is always bittersweet. having both families so close together makes it hard to decide which family we will visit. The forth of July made this problem not so difficult since there was lots of time to spend with both families. The best part was having both the Jensen's and the Wood's together for the fireworks on Saturday and the parade on Monday. our Goal next year will be to find a way to get home from the fireworks without waiting two hours in traffic.
Every year before the parade starts i like to watch the athletes who do the Freedom Run and cheer them on. This year however i got a surprising phone call at 5:30am and an hour later i found myself in line for this years 5K run with no previous training whatsoever. Teresa and I finished the race in under thirty minutes which is not bad considering i haven't run that far in almost a year. Today thought (nearly three days after) my body feels like I'm thirty years older than i am and i can't stand up without groaning. I remember when i was little and i could run all day with out hurting, What happened?
there was only one point of this weekend that made me sad, There came the opportunity to take a motorcycle trip with my dad for a few hours but it was not an activity that Kylee enjoys as much as i do. We decided to part ways for the few hours and she went for a BBQ at her family's house. I do not regret going on the trip, I just didn't enjoy being far from Kylee. For all those guys who take girls up to Squaw Peak to hold a "saliva swap meet" your really missing out on all the scenery that is just i few miles further in. Of course you have to go during the day and its not likely to take a Toyota Camry on that dirt road(though we did see someone's grandparents attempt it, if they are missing this week I know exactly where they are and how they got stuck. Also note to self: never buy a used Camry from old couples!) The green back behind the first row of mountains almost rivals that of the amazon Jungle, and i would know because I've seen both. If you do go up there take a good book, not to read but to press all of the amazing flowers up in the fields. You may just fill the first hundred pages of your book.

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