Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ward Choir Memoires

I guess it's just fate or something... maybe a fetish, but i always find my way to enroll in choir. As a kid my parents and I realized I'm not quite fit to be a jock and so I was promptly put in a children's choir where i did quite well. Funny though how kids will give up on things that they get bored of. As I arrived in high school I noticed how amazing my friends sounded in their choirs and wished i could sing like that(girls love a guy who can sing).
After graduation Institute grabbed me as i was walking around on UVU campus. My high school buddies were there in choir and sounding wonderful. the great thing about institute choir is that it is an infectious society that recruits in the most dastardly of fashions. They promise the girls there are guys there that can sing( which of course is what girls want) and they promise guys that there are girls there(which is what boys want, not that it matters if the girls can sing). It's quite sly but i think it works(that's how i met Kylee :D). Turns out after a few rehearsals i found i actually could sing like my friends. but of course after the mission and meeting Kylee i had less time for choir and the only one i could attend was a ward choir, which by the way are always a good idea.
Funny story though, during the Christmas meeting when I had a solo starting the song "Oh Come Emanuel" surprised everyone in my family who didn't know I had it in me.
In our new ward Kylee and I were ambushed by Sister Fisk the ward choir director and I'm telling you the lady should be a missionary. She caught us and before we knew it we were members of the choir. She even has us on a roll she passes around every Sunday in practice. Choir with Sister Fisk is very... unique. For some reason it is inconveniently right in the middle of my Sunday nap. We always have new music to read. being the only tenor in a choir of maybe ten members means that i can't hide behind the guy next to me when I hit a wrong note. Sister Fisk quite enjoys pointing those notes out, of course I always look at the empty chair behind me where the true offender must be sitting. I don't think I could stand any more of ward choir, but then we go and sing in church and you can't help but marvel how great a gift and talent we all are given. I guess I'm just addicted to being in choir, and I don't think there is a cure.

Jake, the tenacious tenor

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Rebecca said...

OH it is so true, once you join a choir you are always in a choir!
p.s. Jake I always new that you could sing:)