Friday, November 5, 2010

{favorite friday}

I've decided to start some traditions on our blog. first up is Favorite Friday
I'll share my 10 favorite things from that week, be it pictures, events or whatever :)

1. cheesy smiles and fun times. we both love to be cheesy and just have fun! 
2. isn't this picture just amazing!?! i love how whimsy and free spirited it is :)
3. my ring is one of my favorite things! it was lost for a bit today and i'm so glad we found it, isn't it gorgeous?
4.i love, love, love this pillow! i would love to have it someday when we have an outdoor space (its meant for   outdoors! great huh?)
5. this room is a fav, i love the yellow chairs, the wood board on the wall with the clock and bulletin board inset into it! 
6. birds! especially my salt and pepper shakers, they make me happy :)
7. Jake, my hubby, is most definitely a favorite of mine, in fact i'd say he's probably at the top of the list. he is the most sweet and loving guy. i am so lucky to have ended up with a guy so amazing!
8. yellow! and of course the yellow rose Jake surprised me with this week.
9. Olivia, the pig. she's from a picture book. if you haven't read these books you need to hightail it to the library and check them out right away! she is awesome.
10. and of course Audrey Hepburn. love her, her movies, her style, her quotes. she is one amazing lady :)

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