Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Feeding two with 32 square feet

Since getting my new job at Anderson's Seed and Garden I have been so excited to start a garden. Living in an apartment usually means no planting space and no home grown produce. Luckily Kylee and I have a fun little strip of dirt in front of our door. With a plot that's four feet by 8 feet we may not get a smorgasbord of vegetables this summer but I'm still going to see how much greenery we can get out of it.
Yesterday i spent a few moments replacing logs and dirt into a nice looking arrangement for our garden. I even got to use our fun little shovel and cultivators to turn over the dirt. cute in'it?

(the little plants there are some Habanero seeds i pulled out of some peppers i got from Grandpa Wood)

Today it rained, quiet a bit. so there was no point trying to play in the mud. Instead I went to work (as a customer) and got the smallest amount of all the seeds we wanted to try this year. The coolest things that we are trying are a mix of multi-colored carrots and corn engineered here in our very own USU. Next time it's dry outside I'll be putting out some fertilizer and sowing the selection of seeds. Woohoo!

Jacob, the garden-guru's apprentice


Lisa & Elliott Breinholt said...

You are so funny Jake to get all excited about a little garden. You'll have so much fun! :)

debbie said...

Our ward gardener has a great sight to look at. I can't figure out how to forward links but this is the address. It's a great way to grow potatoes in a tiny amount of space.
Love ya,
Aunt Debbie

jAke said...

Ooh! trash can potatoes! that could be worth trying, Kylee's mom plants a potato and then puts old tire higher and higher as it grows.