Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hidy Ho Nieghbor

Living in an apartment close to campus means your neighbors include frat houses, strange 40 year old student/teachers, and other young married students. So far we've had five different next door neighbors on either side of us and they've all been pretty nice and neighborly. But you got to love the neighbor who knocks on your door for the first time and asks you to come over and enjoy their birthday cake with them. That's how me and Kylee got to know our newest neighbors that share our southern wall.
It's been so much fun getting to know them and their pet goldfish Lucy. When ever we feel like doing something we just take two steps out the door to see if they want to play. I'm really looking forward to owning a home but being so close to friends is kinda fun! Since spring decided to slowly creep into Cache Valley we've been working on our gardens together and its looking more and more green every day. For those of you who grew up watching Home Improvement, you'll understand when I say I'm a Tim Taylor whose found his Wilson Wilson to chat with when it gets to hot in the kitchen. Only there is no wooden fence to hide their faces behind.
It just makes life so much better to have great neighbors, especially the kind that share cake!

Jake, yes you can borrow a cup of sugar!

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