Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{helpful hints}

Just in case you guys have been having the same problems we have been having I decided to share some
helpful hints that have solved these particular problems. :)

Our bed and the bed skirt don't fit perfectly. Why you ask?
Because the bed skirt if king size and the bed is only full size.
I read this helpful hint somewhere {but I can't remember where}
If you suffer from this problem, never fear! There is a solution!
Just grab some safety pins and pin that bed skirt up until it fits your bed perfectly.

Now we don't have to worry about it getting vacuumed up or getting in our way. Yay!

After using wrapping paper there is always the problem of keeping it all nice 
and pretty until you need it again. 
My mom is a GENIUS and came up with this helpful hint.
Grab a toilet paper tube, cut a slit down one side and
you've now got a wrapping paper holder!
It keeps your wrapping paper all nice and pretty. :) 

Hope you all are having a great day!

Pictures of our newly organized apartment are coming soon! 


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