Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer TO-DO List

Some things I'd like to get done this summer....

My backpack is dying and I don't feel like paying to buy one so....I'm going to make one!
Lets hope it turns out how I want. This is a pic of how I would like it to look, style wise.
Fabric and such: I still have no clue what I want to use.

I am also going to make a new wardrobe for me :)
I figure it will be a lot cheaper to make clothes instead of buying them. 
I desperately need professional attire and such.
Here are some pictures of things I hope to make....
Found thanks to the most wonderful site ever! Pinterest!

If you have any patterns or know of somewhere that has 
some that would be awesome!
Please let me know :)


Brynnella said...

GASP! Cute ideas! Please lets make accessories together! Please please please!

{kylee} said...

Yes lets do :)