Sunday, September 18, 2011

having two homes

It has only been three weeks into the semester and I can just imagine how crazy this year is going to be. It's not my classes i'm worried about. They are the kind of classes you can just sit through and get a 90% on the final I planned it that way so I'd have time to study extra classes to test out of them.
What I didn't count on was how tough Kylee's classes were going to be. so far this semester we've already had about five late nights in the studio working on projects that are due the next morning. I actually like this time. It's a nice place with WiFi and fun people and enough space to openly work on homework and reading assignments. I only Hope Kylee can survive this onslaught of deadlines. It's quite a sight to see all these Interior Design majors go nuts at the same time.

Jake, i pay rent so i can stay the night at school.

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