Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good bye summer, Hello free time.

I guess it's a great thing for a newly married guy to work as often as possible while on summer break. It's been a great blessing to have excessive amounts of funds for saving up instead of getting into debt with student loans. Luckily school came and my schedule leaves me a nice three hour chunk of time between my morning classes and my afternoon classes. presently that is the perfect time to just sit down somewhere on campus and blog. I'm sure by the time i get half way into all of my classes i will be using this time to study and cram for quizzes. But for now it is just a great time to relax from work, school, and all cares of the world. I think I will take a nice nap now and recover from my intense work-eat-sleep-work summer routine.

Jake, yes i hit the snooze button again.

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