Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Special Occasion

Today was Fast and Testimony meeting at Church. Since the time I left on my mission to Peru I haven't gotten up to share my testimony from the pulpit. My excuse for those two years was that i got to share it everyday and others should have the chance to share their's. I don't know what my reason has been for the last two years though. I don't think there was a reason not to, I just didn't. But today I knew I had to. As a baptized member of the church I promised to be a witness of Christ in all times and all places.
So I sat there trying to think of what I was supposed to say. With the scriptures open in my hand I flipped through the pages hoping that something would come to me. I said a prayer asking God to help me know what to say. As I finally decided that with or without something to say I would go up and share what I know, I was given what I just prayed for. A strong feeling of love came over me as my thoughts turned to how today was the Christmas devotional of the first Presidency of the Church and that two years ago I asked Kylee to be my wife. I was able to share with the ward how I know that God led me to be with Kylee and that He has blessed me everyday of my life with what I need most. I know He loves me and that He watches over me because He has promised me that I can be with Kylee for all eternity. Jesus Christ made that possible through His atonement and resurection.
thanks for reading this long post, I hope it brings the spirit closer to you all.

jake, in His name, Amen.

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