Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home sweet Home

One thing I love about Christmas vacation is having a week to go back home to Utah valley and not having to cook for a whole week! Actually I love being around our families and having so many people to talk to. We spent the nights at the Wood's house and spent the days at the Jensen's house and countless stores. Christmas was pretty special. Talking with Kylee's brother Jeremy over in New Jersey and then watching everyone open the presents we gave them made it very memorable.
What I wasn't expecting was how excited I was to be back in Cache Valley last night. Coming home to our three little fish and a sink full of dishes made me feel needed and responsible. So Yes I loved being home for the holidays and Yes I loved coming back to our own home. Does that makes Sense? Logan is starting to feel very much like home.

~Jake, "Lucy I'm Home!"

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