Thursday, January 26, 2012

A man's shopping trip

Last night I was killing time while waiting to pick Kylee Up from work. I went in to a few stores that she doesn't appreciate as much as I do though I'm not sure why. Best buy was my first stop but it was a forgetable experience. I mostly just wanted to dream about having a man cave. After that I skipped over to O'Reilly Auto (formally Checkers) to see if they had a part I need for the car. As I walked in to the store I was greeted by Thomas, a guy about my age, who talked to me not as a customer but like we'd been friends for quite a while. we talked about the part for a bit but when he couldn't find it in his database he did something I didn't expect. He picked up the phone and asked AutoZone down the street if they had it. Wow! Turns out the tailgate assembly for an Isuzu is a very rare thing. Now here is where any other sales person would say,"anything else I can get for you?" Trust me its almost programmed into them. But Thomas just kept making small talk about my car and how I like it. He even casually suggested I get some WD-40 to try and loosen the Tailgate latch. It wasn't a pressured sale. I even felt like I had wanted to do that all along. I left the store with my can of lubricant and a good feeling that I seldom get when I go shopping. Way to go Thomas for making shopping feel more like going to see a friend instead of an in and out service.

Jake, sure I'll buy another one!

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Debbie said...

What?! Jake?! You didn't already own a can of WD-40? I'm shocked. Along with duct tape, that's a vital item for anyone's toolbox. (Yes, 'duck' tape was originally 'duct' tape.)