Thursday, January 19, 2012

Requiem for a Light

Lately I've been in one of those learning moods. No, not one of those study for the classes I've signed up for this semester. Mostly I've been interested in LED Lights and what is actually going on inside those tiny little gadgets. So one hour later after browsing Wikipedia I find myself now an expert on Light-Emitting-Diodes. I could explain in big geeky terms just how they work but unless you understand the energy clouds of atoms that house electrons its all going to sound foreign to you. But trust me, its cool. I've been trying to find some light source for our fish tank and I've played with the idea of setting up my own LED array of different colors for the tank. My only issue with LED's is that as cool as they are they are nothing like natural light from the sun.
Our Neighbor is actually a plant science major at USU and is studing the effects of LED's on plants (this work may or may not be related to growing plants on the international space station). Until I make up my mind on how light the aquarium we're going to stick with these cool little sinking LED's we found at Micheal's craft store for 50%.

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