Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry that it's been awhile since I've posted :)

Here are my pictures from January for Project 365

How I started out 2011. Our clean closet.
My Yellow coat came! Our cute front door!
Yummy mini cakes! Valentine decor!
My Earring dish. My BEAUTIFUL Ring!
The view from our front door. First day of school!
The Calendar is done and oh so cute! My ADORABLE casserole dish!
Our beautiful home decor. Decorating magazines!
Homemade pizza night! Rummy-cube is the BEST game :)
Pizza Hut has the most delicious pizza. GO AGGIES!
I am addicted to barbecue chips. Took some time to do some thank-you notes.
Bones is a favorite. Mmmm, cookie dough!
Learned how to play Phase 10, LOVE IT! Started reading this book.
Sparkly fingernails!!! Floor plan line drawing in progress.
I built a Lego car on my computer and then rendered it there too!
These are some pieces I cut out for a Humanitarian project.
I got my hair cut! Isn't this the cutest scarf?! My hand rendered floorplan.

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