Thursday, February 3, 2011

when the cold wind blows it chills you

I feel that i have really failed this winter. Its now February and i haven't even gone sledding yet. When i was little that was a mandatory thing to do, even when we didn't have sleds my mother would send us all out with laundry baskets and we would hit the "slopes". gradually we upgraded to the point where we had sleds and now we even have Seven Peaks Tubes to use. Yet with all this in the snowiest Place in Utah i haven't gone this winter.
I guess the ever present cold is somewhat to blame for my dismissal of such a fantastic sport. Logan is home to the infamous INVERSION. That's when all that ugly cold below 0 air gets trapped under a high pressure system and leaves us poor students in a frozen waste of icy winds. Monday wasn't so bad this week and i even got to ride my bike to work. But Tuesday and Wednesday were comparable to an arctic tundra. crossing the rugby field to get to my class was like trudging over a barren flat where the wind fought to blow my coat away. When i finally got to class i had to check to see if my ears were still attached to my head.
this is me on the way to class (bundled up). I really gotta get a home in Hawaii.

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