Saturday, February 19, 2011

Which way are you actually going?

In my Psychology class we had the assignment of observing behavior for an hour. It had to a specific behavior that we could record in exact notations. While everyone else went straight to the glass building on campus to see how many people stare at their reflections and fix their hair. Ya, I think half the people in the class did that. I decided to find a more practical approach.
If anyone is familiar with Logan, Utah you may have heard about the four way stop on 1000N where 600E jogs and makes everyone wig out. My class partner and I sat there in the cold snow on Thursday in camping chairs holding our little tally charts to see just how many people get confused at this intersection. Let me tell you it was totally worth it! We counted every car that put their blinker on and divided them between the ones who actually turned and those who when relatively straight through. By the way if you really want to feel cool go sit on a corner in a camping chair to watch people stare at you as they drive by. We even got some waves from people i haven't even met yet. the data was solid, 30% of drivers signaled a left turn to go straight through( most of them were over 60 years old or of the female persuasion, not a stereotype just the facts).
Oh ya lets not forget about Chad. I didn't know Chad until ten minutes into the session when he came walking out of his apartment behind us trying to figure exactly what we were up to. Five minutes later he re-emerged carrying a thermos of hot cocoa and some cups. I have a new best friend and his name is Chad, he's a nice guy and I would recommend him as a friend to others.

~Jake, no this is not for the transportation dept. I just like people watching

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