Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preaching to the choir

I think one of the coolest ways to experience General Conference or even Stake Conference is from the choir seats. Kylee and I were "recruited" into the stake choir by the over zealous choir director and though our attendance was a bit... sporadic, we definitely enjoyed the great messages we heard today. The theme(yes a theme, i've never been to one of these that had a theme) was "the gathering of Israel" and even the Ogden, Utah mission president came to talk to us about how great missionary work is. As always i didn't really get anything out of the whole find some missionary references but they did talk about how important it is to gather Israel in our homes, with our families. I think that was very interesting and important.
We don't have our own Kids yet, but i thought about how Kylee and I have talked about raising our children in the church and teaching them how to be good members disciples of Christ. I decided it would be a good time to start typing out my Missionary journal for our kids to read. I know there are alot of great stories in there that even Kylee would love to read.
At the end of conference we sang the Mack Wilberg version of "I Believe in Christ" and it was surprising how great it sounded in the Logan Tabernacle. Despite minor discrepancies in the directing the song was a great ending to a wonderful conference.

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