Saturday, June 19, 2010

twilight and signatures

ok, so i (kylee) work at the logan city library. i work at the circulation desk, do the pick list twice a week and process books in the back. the other day i was able to process stepahie meyer's new book 'the short second life of bree tanner'. anyone who knows me knows that i am obsessed with twilight. i love those books! really truely. anyways, the book is only like a hundred or so pages wich means i could finish it in an hour or two. it was SOOOO tempting not to take it and read it on my break,or take it home for the night. especially since i'm like number 52 on the waiting list at the library, meaning i'll get it in a few months.i didn't take it in hopes that i'll get it for my birthday in a month :D ::hint hint::

i am officially a WOOD now. as of a few days ago. whoo hoo! i've been told my signature was not readable by my family and so with this new name i decided to come up with an amazing signature. this requires time, practice and dedication. i went to this free font site and picked out some cute fonts that would work for a signature. oh ya. then i typed out kylee wood in each font, picked the letters that i liked best and then put my signature together. i highly recomend this. it makes for a freaking amazing signature. :D


Lindzee said...

Hey Kylee! First off, congrats on the marriage and all that. :) But in other news, I thought I'd let you know just in case you weren't aware...Stephenie Meyer has put the whole book of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner online for like a month for all her friends to read. She's advertising it on her website and everything so it's totally legit. :) So if you have a laptop and a few hours, you can read the whole book online without waiting! Just thought I'd let you know, I know how painful it can be to wait to read a book. :)

woody2shoes said...

yay!!!! thank you SO much! you are amazing :D