Tuesday, June 22, 2010

something you've got to try

There once was a packet of Jasmine. It smelled okay but it was too strong for Mom Jensen to enjoy so she gave it to Kylee. Kylee looked at the packet and thought," Hey that would go great in our underwear drawer!" The oversight of this thought was that Jake shares the same drawer. He walks in the room to gets some new G's and finds a pink packet of smell directly on top of his whites. Oh well. The Problem was not that the packet was pink, it was that now Jake smells like a Girl. Kylee made no attempt to hide this fact and started giggling. Jake was thus the victim of needless jokes.
But jake saw the packet and thought," Ah HA!" He pulled out the brand new vacuume and stuck in in next to the vacuume bag. And then he tried vacuuming the front room. WOW! it was great and not too powerful, and best of all its the house that smells like a girl, NOT JAKE. Try it out!

~Jake, I'm a house keeper not a girl


Teresa W said...

Excellent idea! I'll have to try that. Our vacuum smells like popcorn and pineneedles... not a good combination

J-bird said...

Great idea, I'll have to remember that when I finally get my own vacuum... Sounds like you two are having fun! I LOVE your blog! So cute! Keep it up and have as many adventures as you can!