Sunday, June 13, 2010

who's side of the bed is this?

Beds come in three different sizes: Too Small, Just Right, and Too Big. The interesting fact is that it all depends on the occupants as to which size of bed you've got. some beds can never get big enough for the person in question. I'm the kind of person who might complain about the bed being too big. If I can't just roll out of the bed at 6 a.m. to get ready it is definitely too big. Kylee is of the opinion that the bigger the bed the better and she has her reasons. namely if she doesn't want to get out of bed in the morning an increase in size would make the effort futile and will happily sleep in. There also happens to be a new sleeping technique that i had not heard of before but according to my wife and my best friends wife its the way to go, Drum roll please... Sleeping diagonally on the bed. one lays them self at an angle on the bed thus increasing the apparent bed size. this does not work so well for couples seeing as it leaves me with an eighth of the bed as my fair share. I can handle that because i can literally roll straight onto the floor every morning. As we can all see this is most advantageous.

And Now for the moment you've all been waiting for, a Post with Pictures
many people can make popovers and enjoy them but tell me how many people can make corn bread " Flop-overs". Yes its a reason to be jealous. We had quite a few successes come out of the kitchen this week. Kylee assembled a splendid Chicken Italian Salad just like Mom Jensen makes. On Friday we drove past Pizza Hut and i got a craving for that cheesy goodness. We made the absolute best home made pizza from scratch and enjoyed it with a fresh iceberg lettuce salad(yes i made a mistake and bought iceberg cause it was the cheapest). Sadly the only thing we had to top the pizza with was the sausages we used to season the new pizza stone. We reccomend making pizza for any couple as a date night at home.

~Jake, I just want some of the sheets that's all

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Andy and Brittany said...

The whole bed is just the wifes and you husbands get whatever is left over haha!