Saturday, December 4, 2010

{favorite friday}

sorry that i'm a day late with these :)

1 Jake is AMAZING! I don't think i would make it through this semester alive if it weren't for him :)
2 Brown Suede Boots! They are super cute and I can't wait to get them :)
3 Garlic Toast is amazing. Whenever I'm feeling down i know this will cheer me up.
4 Our super cute Nativity set from my family :) thanks guys!
5 I desperately want a yellow wool coat....someday I shall have one
6 My amazing Tiny House! I am SO glad that it is done (well except for the construction documents)
7 I love Christmas Trees's! Our tree is adorable! Pictures are coming soon!
8 I love this shirt! Best part can make it for pretty cheap :)
9 These Earrings are absolutely fantastic! I'm obsessed with fabric flower earrings at the moment.
10 Tatortots and Jello is one of my most favorite blogs! I get my craft and decorating fix everyday from them

1 comment:

jake.wOOd said...

I can attest to the garlic toast. if anything will make her happy its garlic toast.