Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sorry for my absence....

but I have a good excuse.  :)

You see in the Interior Design program at USU (sophomore year) you get put through this ordeal called Tiny House Heck. (they didn't say heck but you get the point). anyway, I didn't see why they called it that until a few weeks ago when this monster project came crashing down on me. 
At the beginning of the semester I was able to keep up on all my classes plus everything else pretty easily but then the workload for my ID classes kept getting heavier and as its my major and I love it ..... Interior Design became my first priority.
For my Tiny House project we have to come up with a house that is modern and around 1000 square feet total. We then get to dive in and build it in Auto Cad (2D, we get to learn 3D next semester). We do the floor plans, elevations and the site plan. Our teacher then goes through the red-lining process with us so that our line weights and everything is just right. It takes forever and can get very frustrating having someone cover your hard work with red lines. But in the end your project looks amazing so its worth it.
My Elevations on the Presentation Boards plus Me and some Classmates at the reception they held for us!

My Floor Plans and Site Plan
These are my Axonometrics. They are hand drawn and are hard until you get the hang of it :)
After those items are perfected you get to print them out and do your presentation boards and come up with a name for your house and logo. I chose 'Versprei' it means spread-out in Afrikaans.

After the Presentation Boards come the model. You have a choice to have it laser-cut and made out of wood or build it with foam-core. I chose the cheaper option which was the foam core. We had two weeks to build our model, including Thanksgiving. oh joy! we spent about 4 days building my model when Jake discovered that one of my walls was majorly crooked. Not good at all. This one wall threw everything else off and because foam-core doesn't look good when you tear it apart we had to start all over again with some new foam core. Realizing this initiated a breakdown on my part. We called it quits for the night and decided to start again the next morning (which was the day before Thanksgiving).
That next day we basically lived at the ID studio, after 15 hours of hard work my model was built! YAY! We went down to Orem Thanksgiving day and then on to Price with my family after that. Because of the snowstorm on its way and my hillside that needed to be built we came home early on Saturday night. 
We spent Sunday night and Monday morning putting the finishing touches on the house and got it done just in time to be put on display. It felt so good to finally have all the craziness of Tiny House out of the way! Plus its way cool to see your hard work on display for anyone to see. So.....if you happen to be up in Logan, stop by the USU student center on the 2nd floor and you'll see my Tiny House plus 17 others :) They are all amazing, everyone did a fantastic job!

That pretty much summarizes things :)

I have to add that if it weren't for Jake i might possibly be dead. He was the one who kept me sane, fed and made me go to bed. He also helped me organize my thoughts and made my vision of the
 house actually happen how I wanted it too. He is such a wonderful guy and 
I'm so glad he tolerates me, helps me and loves me :) 

here are some pictures of my model......

An inside look on my house, Jake did an excellent job on the furniture!

If you do end up seeing my model please be careful with it :) its my baby and I might have to
 hunt you down if it is harmed in any way. 
just sayin'


Teresa W said...

Kylee, I love it! The design and layout looks amazing!!! I wish I could have seen it in person!

Andy and Brittany said...

Good job!! That turned out great!