Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home for the Holidays

The best part of this Christmas was definitely being home with our families. since the Wood's and the Jensen's live so close to each other its possible to spend Christmas with both of them instead of having to choose.
On Thursday we went to temple square with the Jensen's. Jared made the car trip really fun by starting the alphabet game and getting everyone involved. our heads were bobbing up and down and side to side scanning for letters on billboards. It looked kinda funny. Mom J had prepared lots of hot water and cookies to eat when we got cold. I especially liked seeing the lights in all the trees and getting pictures with everyone near where i proposed to Kylee last year.
On Christmas Day we went to see Grandpa and Grandma Burnett. Grandpa told stories of growing up and famous people he knows. the climax was sitting next to Andrea as she pulled her tooth out (stuck to the taffy she just bit into).
Earlier that morning we woke up to find that Santa had left us a whole shelf of food storage. Its amazing how old you can be and still believe in Santa. of course faith at this age comes with responsibility. If you are past twenty and you still believe, you get to help the younger generations believe too. trust me I do my part.
We Had a fantastic Christmas breakfast at the Jensen's. It's astounding what they can pull out of that kitchen early in the morning. Jeremy made a delicious butterscotch syrup that i was tempted to just drink straight (it was that good!). I didn't have my camera ready for most of the week but for cross reference look up Kylee's pics, Jeremy's facebook, Teresa's blog, and Heather's blog.
Sunday was a blast because Corry showed up in the morning after a nine hour drive from AZ. Family is definitely the best part of the Holidays!

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