Monday, December 6, 2010

When green thunbs turn wilted brown

My recent employment at Anderson's Seed and Garden has got me pretty excited about a few things. First there's all the Christmas decorations that I've been putting up for the last three months. Then there's all the seeds they will have in stock next year for a small garden. But mostly its for the cool and effortless plant I most recently bought. Its called a Paperwhite Narcissus!
You buy them as a little bulb about the size of a ping pong ball and you stick it in a glass bowl or pot about half way buried in dirt. I like having it in a glass bowl so you can see the roots as they spread out. I think the greatest part about the Paperwhite is that it grows so fast. Me and Kylee have watched it stretch at least an inch a day. It is supposed to get to 12 inches tall, with our dim apartment it has reached 13 inches already and the flowers are still a while away.
So even though its 30* outside I can still grow things(lets just hope it doesn't die on me). You've got to try it for yourself now. Go to D.I. get a $2.00 vase/bowl and fill it with soil and top it with colored marbles. Now just sit back and watch them go!

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