Friday, January 14, 2011

A Professor's calling in Life, a Comedian

Students Spend way too much on tuition every semester. I guess minimum wage has gone up but does it really add up? I could complain to the admissions office like the rest of those go-getters but I've found relief in quite a few of my classes. Yes I've been through math classes that caught up on countless hours of sleep but I'm talking about actually enjoying my classes and all that. the truth is college students don't need another professor cramming us full of dates and names. We need the Entertainers!
I guess there must be special training going around because a majority of the teachers I've had in the last year or so have gone the extra mile to tell really awful jokes in class or point out the pointless puns in each subject. My current History class at USU is taught by Mr. Lewis. I think this guy missed his calling in life as a Comedian. He can actually get all one hundred and fifty of us to groan and even chuckle at the same time over his "exclusive footage" of historical events(Far Side comic strip depictions of the landing at Plymouth Rock). Strange enough I actually remember the stuff he was talking about. It's kind of hard to miss when he raises his voice to mention that something will be on the test.
Who'd have known that the reason my high school grades stunk was because my teachers didn't tell enough dumb Jokes!

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Kimber said...

That is the honest truth. I have a Biology teacher this semester that is a leach specialist and has the most crazy jokes but it makes the boring so much more interesting.