Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is your STAR prefferance?

How do you view aliens? Are they green blooded, pointy ear Vulcans? Or do they come from a galaxy far far away in the distant past? Currently mine include Parasitical body snatchers and advanced races that like to visit earth. That's right for a limited time only Hulu is showing all seasons of Star gate SG1. I think the hardest part with making a "Star" or "space" show is how to make it plausible. Star Trek evaded this by plotting the show in the infinitely distant future when we will most likely not be alive to see that they were wrong. On the other hand Star Wars went the other way. They decided that instead of going into the future they decided to totally leave the neighborhood and run back in time. apparently if you can't recognize the planets or the races then it makes it more possible.
But i think the best of all is Star Gate SG1. Letting it happen in our present time on our own world. Long Live the conspiracy theory! We can all blame it on the government for not telling us that there are actually aliens in contact with us every day. I'm not saying that I live for it like a Trekkie. I quite enjoy having my feet planted firmly on this planet. But in case I ever get the itch to hit the other side of the galaxy I like the idea of being able to just walk through the big shimmering circle instead of warping out of orbit in a rocket ship.

Jake, we know you walk among us!

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